Make Believe

Whose to know my world?
And whose to share my worry?
Mountains rise and fall all the time,
And it doesn't mean a damn thing to God,
So make believe in miracles instead.

Whose to show no fear?
Then cast the first stone at the mirror,
And break the spell you put down yourself,
And crack your shell right open again,
And make believe in miracles, my friends.

Whose to give everything
Just to serve what they believe in?
'Cause that's the way you play the game of life.
You create the world you want to see outside.
And remember what it's like to play God,
And make believe in miracles again.
Oh, make believe in miracles, my friends.



Gülün yaprağı düşerse
Daha pastelse artık kalp
Bölük pörçük eşliğinde
Şarkı söyler küçük bir harf

Gökyüzünden renk düştüyse
Kurşuniyse artık sahur
Kimse belirmez gözünde
Yüreğinde kor bir kahir

Kapını kapattın belli
Rüzgar da gelmiyor artık
Düştü sadakat yemini
Gönül kilit kirik sandık
Bir başına kalakaldık


Lift Me Up

You come around and make the seasons change
You come around and leave the way you came
You come around and wipe my tears away
You make me wanna give my heart away

The way you speak, it leaves me without words
And when you're gone it makes me toss and turn
You come around and make sure that it hurts
You make sure that it hurts when you're away

You come around and light up everything
You stun me with your smile and all you bring
You come around and make me wanna sing
You make me wanna sing my fears away

Here among the clouds
We are safe and sound
You lift me up

Marie Hsiao (Mree)


sad, scared, small, alone, beautiful

"I guess that's what disappointment is; a sense of loss for something you never had."

Deb Caletti, The Nature of Jade



The world implodes, there is only fear
The skies above scream with tears
All alone, amidst the storm
And not one soul lurking to hear

The world shrinks, there is only love
The skies above seem calmer now
You have to come, it’s beautiful
There is a place for you in here

The world stops, there is no time
Might be a choice, it’s the wrong one
You have to stay, so I can leave
I shall miss you in days to come

There is a place for you back home
Though you won’t come, it’s good to know
I was there and you were near
What we shared was more than dear

You arrived, the fear was gone
Love made us much more than one
Now I know I’m not alone
Even though I’m back at home.